How to Install Windows 11

How to Install Windows 11


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A guide on how to install the latest Windows 11 2022 on a laptop/PC from a flash drive without internet, complete.

Windows 11 is the latest OS released by Microsoft at the end of 2021. This newest version of Windows has a look that is quite different from its predecessor, Windows 10. Starting from the Start Menu, the display presented is much different and more straightforward than its predecessor. This characteristic of Windows 11 can also be seen on the taskbar. By default, icons and widgets on the toolbar are in the middle.

As Windows users, of course, we want to use Windows 11 with various advantages both in terms of display and features. Well, if you are using Windows 10, there is a straightforward option to install Windows 11 by upgrading directly from Windows 10. I have made an article in another post about how to update windows 11.

Well, in this article I will share how to install a new Windows 11 (fresh install) from a flash disk. This can be useful for those of you who want to install it on a new laptop without an OS or reinstall it cleanly on your old laptop. But first, let's see if your laptop / PC has met the minimum requirements of Windows 11.

Minimum Specifications

  1. Processor: 1 GHz minimum 2 Core
  2. RAM: 4 GB
  3. Hard disk: 64 GB
  4. System firmware: UEFI.
  5. TPM: 2.0

If you have met the minimum requirements above, let's start the installation process.

Install from a flash disk

You can perform a clean installation of Windows 11 with a bootable USB that has the Windows 11 installation software. Alternatively, if your PC has a DVD drive, you can download a Windows 11 ISO file and burn it on a DVD. This method can then be used to update both new and second-hand Windows devices

1. Create Windows 11 Installation Media from a Flashdisk

The initial step in installing Windows 11 is creating the installation media. This installation media is in the form of a flash disk which contains the Windows 11 installer from the Win 11 ISO file. We can also use DVDs as media, but nowadays the easiest way is to use a flash disk. To make the installation media, please read the post about How to Make a Bootable Flashdisk in the Windows 11 section.

After successfully creating the installation media, then do step 2.

2. Set the First Boot of the Laptop / PC that will be installed on the Flashdisk

In this second step, we have to change the boot priority settings in the BIOS so that the laptop runs the flash drive we created earlier.

To make settings: Plug the flash drive that already contains Windows 11 into the laptop or PC you want to install. Turn on the laptop or PC.

Then quickly press the Esc or DEL or F1 or F2 keys repeatedly to enter the BIOS. This button depends on the brand of your laptop because each laptop has a different button to enter the BIOS.

After successfully entering BIOS/UEFI, select the Boot menu or the menu that contains the word boot. Each laptop also has a different menu. Change the first boot to your flash disk—Press F10 to save BIOS settings. Then the laptop or PC will restart again.

After restarting, your laptop/PC will run the installation media on the flash drive.

3. Boot from Windows 11 Flashdisk

The next step is to boot from the Flash disk. To do so:

  1. Press any key, for example, the spacebar when a message appears Press any key to boot from USB…
  2. After that, we will is brought to the language and keyboard selection display. Change the Time and currency format to Indonesian (Indonesia). Meanwhile, leave other settings.
  3. Then press Next.
  4. Then press Install Now.

4. Enter Product Key

Then enter the product key in the column provided if you have a Product Key then click Next. But if you don't have a product key, just click the I don't have a product key button because we can enter it later or by using my other tutorial entitled How to activate Windows 11 later after the installation process is complete.

If you are currently using a laptop that has been activated by Windows 11 and are re-installing it, it will automatically activate without entering the product key. You only need to click I don't have a product key.

5. Select the Windows 11 Version to be installed

Because the installation media that we are currently using is a multi-edition, there will be a choice of Windows 11 versions to choose from. Choose according to the product key you have or the version that matches your laptop. For example Windows 11 Pro. Then click Next.

Then click I accept the Microsoft Software License Terms. After that, click Custom: Install Windows only (advanced).

6. Share Laptop or PC Hardisk Partitions

Next, we will make partition settings on the hard drive or SSD that we use. Here we will divide the hard disk into several drives, for example, local drive c, local drive d, and others.

We recommend that the hard disk is according to our needs. For example, later on, we need to install big games, so drive C, which is also where Windows 11 is located, must be large. For example, 1 game is 10 GB and we want to install 10 games, so at least drive C must be more than 120 GB. Then we use the rest for drive D. Or for example if we don't want to install big games but want the laptop to be used to store movie files, photos, and so on. Then the C drive is not too big but the D drive is raised.

7. Wait for the Installation Process to Complete

The next process is to wait until the installation is complete. Starting from Copying…, then Getting files ready for installation which is the longest process among the others. Then Installing Features and Install updates. The duration of this installation process depends on the speed of our laptop/PC between 15-45 minutes.

After the Installing updates process is complete, the laptop will automatically restart. Then it will turn on again. If it says Press any key to boot from USB… don't press anything on your keyboard. This is so that we don't boot again from the flash disk but continue the installation process to the next stage. If there is writing, then we press it, and it will repeat the process from the beginning.

Then Getting Ready will appear. Wait and let the process run for a few minutes. After that, the Windows logo will appear and we will proceed to the next process, namely setting.

8. Set Windows 11 Basic Configuration

For the first setting that appears in the region, so selects Indonesia then Yes. Then select the keyboard layout then click Yes. After that, click Skip for the second keyboard.

After that a Let’s connect you to a network window will appear. In this step, we are required to log in to a Microsoft account. To make it easier to install, I suggest don't connect a laptop or PC to the internet so we don't need to log in using a Microsoft account.

Well, because there is no option for no internet (internet skip) then we will force this process to close by pressing the SHIFT+F10 key on the keyboard then a display will appear CMD (Command Prompt). After that click on the display then types OOBE\BYPASSNRO then press Enter. Then Windows will restart automatically.

If you don't see CMD when pressed SHIFT+F10 then try pressing FN+SHIFT+F10 < /strong>this is because there are laptops that require pressing the FN key to access F10.

Don't press anything if you see Press any key to boot from USB… after restarting. Next, the region selection will appear again, select Indonesia, then press Yes. Select the US then press Yes. Then select Skip. After selecting I don’t have Internet, select Continue with limited setup.


So I think you might understand and like our article about How to Install Windows 11. So in my conclusion, If you don't understand any of the steps then don't hesitate to leave a comment in the space we have provided.

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