How to flash OpenWrt firmware on WiFi routers

How to flash OpenWrt firmware on WiFi routers


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Flashing OpenWrt with Wi-Fi enabled on the first boot OpenWrt is configured to have Wi-Fi disabled on the first boot. Some upgrade scenarios require that wireless connection is enabled by default, though. This guide has two sections: one for upgrading an OpenWrt image, and the other is suited for flashing OpenWrt from stock (vendor) firmware.

A simple trick to improve home wifi router performance using a custom firmware upgrade. upgrade OpenWRT firmware in any brand wifi router.

Upgrading custom firmware can supercharge your wifi router. Apart from the original brand wifi router firmware, many open-source teams are developing some excellent firmware for various brands and models.

Sometimes many problems and bugs can be fixed using custom firmware for routers free of cost.

You can also try open-source firmware for your router OEM firmware. The best custom firmware options are available, such as OpenWRT, DDWRT, Gargoyle, and many others.

How to flash a new OpenWRT firmware

  1. Download & save the latest firmware file.
  2. Router LOGIN (default :
  3. Open the System menu --> Backup/Flash Firmware
  4. Scroll down once and click Flash Image...
  5. Upload the new firmware
  6. Then click continue flash until finished.
  7. The router will reboot and log in with the OpenWRT default IP Address.
  8. OpenWRT default IP-
  9. Default username- root & Password: (blank)
NEED TO UNTICK keep setting. Let everything be unique & fresh.

If a red popup warning box appears, TICK force upgrade.

Firmware update process 1~2 minutes. Once the router lights turn blue again, log in to the router again. Wifi name back to the original OpenWRT & OpenWRT2

Nanopi R2S / R4S can also use the same flash method above.

Flash at your own risk!
Make sure the Firmware Size is not less than the display size.

Click the Login button to set the Login password on the first-time login OpenWRT router.

You have successfully converted your router firmware with open-source custom firmware. You can use open-source firmware for your router if Repeater mode is unavailable in the original firmware.

After upgrading OpenWRT software your router can configure as Access Point, Client WDS, and WISP mode.


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